Veterinary Receptionist

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This four modules programme is designed to be the most comprehensive and relevant course available anywhere. It is written by an experienced veterinary surgeon with additional material contributed by an experienced veterinary nurse, both people who know what they need of someone who is frequently the face of the practice. It will equip the student with the essential knowledge to fill the post of receptionist and provide them with a distinct advantage when applying for such work.


Course Modules:

  • Neutering
  • Male and Female reproductive physiology
  • Male dog and the Bitch
  • Phantom pregnancies
  • Pre or post season spays
  • Tomcats and Queens
  • Spaying while in season and during pregnancy
  • Spaying while feeding kittens
  • Flank versus midline
  • Feral colonies
  • Benefits of neuterin cats
  • The male rabbit (Buck) and the Doe
  • Feeding before and after surgery
  • Castration
  • Spay
  • Post-op checks
  • Booking in an animal for neutering

  • What is a vaccine?
  • Dog vaccines
  • Cat vaccines
  • Ferret vaccines
  • Bird vaccines
  • Common client Vaccination questions
  • Pet Travel Scheme
  • Veterinary Receptionist’s role in euthanasia
  • Timing of Euthanasia Appointments
  • Gaining Informed Consent
  • Payment for Euthanasia
  • Disposal Choices
  • Burial
  • Cremation
  • Sympathy Cards


Course Details:

Study Level 2/3

The study Level relates to the how demanding the course is. 1 is beginner and 5 is HND / Foundation Degree level.

4 Module Course

This course is delivered in 4 study modules which need to be passed to gain the qualification.


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