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We Are Passionate About The Pets In Your Care.

We offer 36 diploma courses specialising in the care, welfare, training and behaviour of pets. From dogs and cats to rabbits and fish, we offer courses to educate those who work with pets in a professional capacity.

Straightforward learning!

Learning with us is simpler than most methods. We prioritise direct communication and simplify the learning process by focusing on the essential elements of the course content and instructor-student interaction without the intermediary of a web-based platform.

Personalised Learning.

Students can progress at their own pace, providing a personalised learning experience that accommodates individual schedules and learning styles.


Our courses are accessible to a wider audience, including those who may not have consistent access to high-speed internet or prefer not to navigate complex online learning platforms.

Direct Support.

Direct email communication with tutors facilitates a more personalised support system, allowing students to seek clarification and guidance directly related to their coursework.

Progressive Dog Trainer Level One

Save this date! Our next course is scheduled to start at the end of August, and due to it’s overwhelming popularity, we’re opening registration early!  Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity – spots are limited, so secure your place today and get ready to unlock the full potential of your power to make a change in dogs lives!

This course goes  beyond just dog training, it delves into the crucial aspects of dog behaviour – a vital component of a successful dog trainer. Training dogs goes beyond mere obedience; it’s about empowering owners to shape their dog’s behaviour and foster a deeper understanding.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure every dog can thrive in a loving and supportive home.

Progressive Dog Trainer Level Two - Higher Diploma

Take your dog training skills to the next level!  Scheduled to start from 30 August, this advanced course will equip you with the expertise to teach comprehensive skills to dogs and their owners alike.  Helping you to unlock their full potential.  Don’t miss out on this exciting programme to enhance your skills and become a skilled dog trainer!

March Calendar:

Special Needs Adults Career Guidance

Special Needs Young Adults don’t need to feel lost in this highly results-driven world of ours. Many of them are drawn to animals but don’t know how to make a career working with pets. Pet Sense College is hosting an online live webinar for parents and special needs youngers who would like guidance on how to enter the world of working and developing a career. Creating self-worth and independence is key for these youngsters and they can make a difference in the world of pets and in their own lives. For more info please contact us on

International Council for Online Educational Standards

Pet Sense College is proud to confirm that our courses have been successfully evaluated and we are officially accredited.  One of the key benefits of ICOES is the provision of high-quality, verifiable, and cost-effective certificates for online graduates. These certificates are internationally recognized and serve as a testament to one’s accomplishments, increasing market value and offering a visible validation of achievement. Have a look at the About Us Page for more info.

 Installment option Now Available.

Pay off your course by paying in installments.  The registration fee and 1st module payment is required upfront, thereafter you can pay a minimum of R500 at a time for your next module.  Please note that your next module must be paid up, before we will release it.  Your deadlines for submissions must still be adhered to.  This means you can pay over 4 months.

Price Drop!

We know that the economy is not doing well, and load shedding is hitting us all hard. With this in mind, we reexamined all our course prices and adjusted them to the fees we charged almost 4 years ago. Have a look through our website and you’ll find something to suit your pocket.

Dog Grooming Courses are Here at Last!

We have partnered with leading experts and now offer dog grooming courses.  Starting with the basics, you can study all the way up to becoming an expert dog groomer.  Included in these courses are video lessons, lesson notes, slides, modular assignments, bonus lessons, quizzes and practical assignments.  We’ve even included some fun exercises for you.  These courses follow our strict ethos of no pain, no fear and no force. These exciting courses are now available.  Have a look at the Professional Dog Grooming Academy tab for more information about these cutting-edge courses.

Have a look here: Professional Dog Grooming Academy | Pet Sense College

Pay off your course with Mobicred.

Mobicred offers you the freedom to pay off your full course purchase by using the Payfast payment method. When you choose this option, you will pay monthly installments to Mobicred.  It’s similar to buying on account at a clothing shop.  You receive the full course and can study at your pace while completing your payments. Simply select the Mobicred option when checking out.


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