Start: 30 August 2024

Fridays 6 – 8pm Online

This course is suitable for students who seek a deeper understanding of complex training, focused on advanced science of learning theory, and giving students the ability to design behaviour modification programmes.

It is suitable for students who seek to modify problem behaviours or train very specific tasks. 

Applying students should have completed the Progressive Dog Trainer Level One Diploma or equivalent at another institution or trainers with suitable experience.

This course is run over 4 months on Fridays from 6pm – 8pm starting in end August 2024.

This course requires that the student owns a dog in order to work on assignments.

Course Requirements:

  • Ability to train dogs to a standard level of obedience.
  • You can commit to sessions over 4 months, on Friday afternoons from 6pm – 8pm.
  • You have additional time to read the subject specific literature and prepare your assignments.
    Dedicate at least 2-3 hours daily to assignments.
  • You have a dog to work with at home.
  • Your computer needs the following requirements: Windows 7-10 or Mac OS x, Internet
    connection, broadband or wireless (3g or 4g/LTE), speakers and microphone, webcam, or built-in camera.

Course Modules

  • Slow and fast lures
  • Fading lures
  • Marker-based training
  • Primary and secondary reinforcers
  • Capturing and shaping
  • Prompts
  • Behaviour chains
  • Verbal cues and hand signals
  • Movement as a cue
  • Emotion and body language as a cue
  • Proofing behaviours
  • Generalisation

  • Predatory motor patterns
  • Sensory enrichment
  • Enrichment on walks
  • Kinetic enrichment
  • Enrichment in the home and garden
  • Training on the go

  • Training plans
  • Management plans
  • Criteria
  • Splitting and Lumping
  • Rate of Reinforcement
  • Criteria testing
  • Latency testing
  • Training logs

  • How dogs respond to stress
  • Visible signs of stress
  • The autonomic nervous system
  • The four F’s pertaining to dogs
  • Creating calm
  • Low-stress activities
  • Training a dog to behave calmly

  • Frame of reference and backgrounds
  • Human reactivity
  • Client compliance & motivation.
  • Personalities
  • Mindful listening
  • Managing expectations
  • Setting boundaries


  • August: 30
  • September: 6,13 and 27
  • October: 4, 11 and 25
  • November: 1, 8 and 15

Course Details

  • 6 Module Course – intensive study over 4 months.
    Students are assessed on weekly assignments, 2 projects, presentation of final assignment and an on-line verbal exam. Every module and project must be passed as well as the examination to gain the diploma. We require 100% attendance to qualify for the diploma, at the end of the course.


Payment options:

  • Full Course Upfront R13 500 or
  • Installments R13 600
  • Paid over 3 months as follows:
    • R1000 non-refundable booking fee
    • R4200 due by 29 August
    • R4200 due by 1 October
    • R4200 due by 1 November

Contact us to register

Contact: 083 407 1316 / 010 006 0193             Email:

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Casey’s depth of knowledge is commendable, and the manner in which she conducted the classes was truly exceptional. Here’s to hoping for a Level 3 course someday!

S Moore - May 24